Collectors & Reviews

Read what collectors are saying about Despina's art and their experiences with the custom art process. 


"Thank you Despina for this stunning acrylic swirl! It fits perfectly in my den with the rest of the white, gold and black decor - and finishes the room exquisitely. Thank you for your attention to detail and for making such a beautifully crafted piece personalized to my preferences! You were so awesome during the process and incorporated all of my asks!"

- Anonymous Client, 2021



Review of "Varadero"

"Amazing endless textures and shapes! Every time I pass by my painting I can see something different. It's endless beauty on a canvas. I see a Greek God in the clouds. I see our cherished doggie's face right next to him. The golden sand could be also houses on a mountain hill. The waves of the ocean becoming one with the clouds.

I hung it up on our new grey wall and it matched perfectly! It is carefully mounted on a white frame which makes it even more beautiful! I bought this canvas about a month ago now and I still see something new every time I study it.

I love this artist! She is so brilliant and free. She's not afraid to experiment and work on commission too!

- Eleni, 2021



Review of "Marble"

"Thank you Despina for this lovely piece! I love it!"

- Jessica