About the painting in the logo "Untitled"

On June 13th 2021, I completed my first ever commissioned painting. A dear friend of mine was moving into their new apartment and was having a hard time. After asking them if there was anything I can do for them, they requested for a custom painting. I was beyond excited and gladly accepted! As a creative person who always dabbled into creating; whether it be painting or crafting, this meant the world. I was and still am so honoured that they wanted my art on their walls! 

They mentioned what colors they wanted to see in the painting and that they wanted it to be abstract. The end result is "Untitled", pictured below, and is an acrylic pour.


For me, this painting isn't just a painting. It symbolizes the beginning of my journey as an Artist and the start of my small art business. It means the world that someone believed in my creative capabilities so much that they wanted to display the art I made in their home. That in turn helped me believe in myself and I realized that's all I needed to take the next step into this art journey. Sometimes that's all we need to get us going. Someone to believe in us like this. 

This is why you will notice that this painting is part of my logo and other merchandise (coming soon). It's a lot more than a painting and symbolizes trust, believing in one's self, growth and a new adventure!  

Also, my friend and I have a special arrangement that allows me to showcase this painting as my logo, merch, prints, etc. Note that normally, commissioned paintings are private for the collector and no prints or additional products are designed using commissioned paintings.