Hi and welcome to my website! I'm Despina and I'm an Artist based in Ottawa, Canada. I work as a mental health social worker and am passionate about helping others in their journeys to recovery. During my spare time, I lose myself in paint - using all sorts of mediums like acrylics, watercolors and mixed media.

My ultimate mission is to spread creativity, positivity and raise mental health awareness through my art. As someone who has first hand experience with the challenges of mental health and works in the field, I recognize the importance of raising awareness and hope that my art resonates with you. Through painting I can let go and sort through my thoughts and emotions, and as well connect with others. Abstract art is my preferred style because of all the freedom it encompasses. There are no boundaries and no mistakes. I really enjoy the interpretation process as well. What you may see, might not be what someone else sees. We all interpret abstract in different ways as we see things through our own life experiences and perspectives.

I love experimenting with new mediums and exploring new ways of making art! This is my story about how Artwork by Despina came to life. 

While working on the front line, I continued to make some art and tapping into my creative side. When I would paint, I mainly worked with acrylic paint. In the summer of 2021 I was asked to commission two paintings. Read the story here about the first painting I was commissioned called "Untitled", which is now part of my logo. This is when I really started to realize that people really loved my art and wanted it in their homes! In June 2021, I started looking at the prospect of sharing my art with a wider audience and here we are today. 

Why do I paint?

I paint to let go, to feel, to sort through my thoughts and emotions, to create and to connect with others. Making art brings me a lot of joy and it re-energizes me. 


What inspires me?

  • nature
  • mental health
  • music
  • social issues
  • architecture
  • other artists
  • video games

My style of art:

  • Abstract and Semi-abstract
  • Abstract expressionism
  • Acrylic Pours
  • Mixed Media
  • Modern & Contemporary
 Thanks for reading my story :)